Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to reach out if you have other questions.

Why do we need to put the White Cedar Remedies cream in the fridge?

We suggest to keep the cream in the fridge when your parcel arrives because this pain relief product may have liquified during transfer. It’s okay to keep refrigerated or store the cream in 23 degree Celsius or less to resolidify. Definitely stay away from the sun or on a heater. No harm to the product.

How long should I massage this cream onto the affected area?

At least two minutes. Our White Cedar Remedies cream is 100% safe and has a soft cedar scent.

How can our U.S. friends and family place an order?

Good timing. We just opened a store on DukaMart marketplace. Please visit us here.

Where can I use this cream to relieve pain?

You can use this cream on the entire body including the face. We have customers reported better sleep due to its high concentration of magnesium (Cedar is extremely high in magnesium).

I felt better with the first application on my sore muscles. How often can I apply this?

As many times as your body needs.

Can I use this cream on broken skin like cuts?

Absolutely! Our White Cedar Remedies Topical Cream can help to heal burns, scrapes, cuts, rashes. Some customers have reported great results on psoriasis eczema.

Does the cream work on mosquito bites and soothe a sunburn?

Yes to both concerns.

What're the benefits of lard in this inflammation relief cream?

Lard is high in amino acids. In our opinion, it’s the best product to penetrate through the skin into muscles and joints.

Just received my order. Noticed the jars are not sealed?

We use air tight containers, ie the pressure lid automatically seals from the inside.

Is there an expiry timeline on this natural pain solution?

Good for at least a couple of years.

You're using plastic jars. Aren't you environmental friendly?

We’re very green. Our plastic jars are made of recycled materials.

I want to learn more about white cedar

Sure. You’ll enjoy this Eastern White Cedar – The Wild Garden article here.

Is your Web App GDPR compliant?

Yes. Feel free to install our Web App on your mobile device. Our App does not collect or store user data, nor does it set cookies or store tracking data. Content visited by users is stored in the user’s own device, in the cache of the browser. This is very similar to how modern browsers caches content offline for faster browsing.