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Margaret was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. She studied Aboriginal Law and Advocacy at the Confederation College in Thunder Bay, Ontario, where she graduated with honours. During her free time, she loved to immerse herself in the aborginal culture and way of life. She was well liked, trusted and respected by the community including elders, medicine teachers and educators. After graduation, she continued her exploration in traditional remedies.

For many years, Margaret devoted her time in different health care facilities and started making white cedar remedies at home as a hobby until a life-changing encounter with an Elder in North Ontario.

She met a medicine man in a sweat lodge within the Aboriginal culture. This medicine man gave her a direction that she’s going to make a pain relief cream from the cedar tree to help people who are suffering from pain. This Elder blessed her with a spirit name Cedar Medicine Woman before departure.

This experience has changed her life. Margaret is committed to create handmade natural remedies to relieve people from pain and different ailments. The initial start was bumpy because she had to take care of her aging parents full-time while pursuing this endeavour. She didn’t give up and spent years to refine the formula with lots of trial and hardwork.

Fast forward time, it’s been over 12 years since Margaret started making the first white cedar remedy at home. White Cedar Remedies is a dream come true .. with a normal day she gets up at 6:00 .. cedar gathering, making, jarring and labeling (still handmade 100% with love). Or you will find her doing demos in health food stores across Canada.

This pain relief cream has helped thousands of people with different ailments. Check out some of the stories from real people below.

Traditional Medicine Knowledge:  Margaret completed some diplomas in Reflexology, Reiki, Shamanism and Aromatherapy in Toronto.

Margaret Simpson | Cedar Medicine Woman



Muscle Joint Pain Relief
Awesome Product

White Cedar Remedies awesome product it works. Jami, Alderville, Ontario, Canada

Best Topical Cream
This Stuff Works

I had sore arms .. tried #whitecidarremedies on one arm. AND THIS STUFF WORKS! Joe, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

Pain Relief Natural Handmade
Nature's Magic

My go to pain relief natural remedy! Laurie, Ontario, Canada

Muscle Pain Relieve
Instant Pain Relief

Amazing cream. Relieved my wrist pain immediately after I applied it. Nadine, Alderville, The Trading Post

Handmade Pain Relieve
13 Year Old

I had a serious headache. I couldn’t continue with classes. I could barely walk. I had to be in my bed with complete darkness and couldn’t talk or move .. when White Cedar Remedies was applied to my forehead and face and back of neck, my headache was gone! Melanie G, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

White Cedar Arthiritis Solution
White Cedar Remedy Works For People & Pets

I used White Cedar Remedy on my 19 year old dog for his bad sores and the results were consistently astounding!! White Cedar Remedy works for people & pets. Jevon H, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Pain Relief Inflammation
Honestly An Amazing Product

I sprained my back and could barely walk. Margaret massaged white cedar remedies original #painrelief cream into the affected area and I swear within minus I was 113% better. Unbelievable stuff. Honestly an amazing product. Jim, Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Osteoarthritis Solution
Considerable Reduction Of Pain And Discomfort

I am 92 years old and have a history of osteoarthritis in my lower spine. My wife applied White Cedar Topical Cream onto my lower back area before bedtime. In the morning I could walk unattended with my cane to the bathroom pain free! Gerry, Bancroft, Ontario, Canada